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Welcome to the Fly Nubian Queen Advertising page. This is a page for those wishing to advertise on The Fly Nubian Queen Platform.

FNQ has a Youtube channel with 178,000 active and lively subscribers. We also have an Instagram page with 25,000 followers. The email list has 30,000 subscribers and is growing everyday.

Fly Nubian Queen's Youtube channel gets one million views per month.

There are four types of ads you can buy on FNQ (pricing is below):

1) Post a video to the channel of 15 minutes or less (Link to your website in the description)

2) Instagram post of image or video of your product, with a message and link to it

3) Solo email out to the FNQ audience with your message

4) Post of an image and message to the Fly Nubian Queen Youtube community page (178,000 subscribers)

Please read carefully: Fly Nubian Media DOES NOT guarantee that your ad is going to run. After you've submitted payment and sent an email to [email protected], your content will be reviewed to determine if it is a fit for the channel. If it is not determined to be a fit, your money will be refunded.

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