The Free your mind with Vicki Dillard Self-empowerment mini-class

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The content for Vicki Dillard's Free Your Mind mini-class are listed below:

1- You Are The Conductor Of Your Life

2- The Matter of McCarthy: The Power of Training & Repetition

3- I Am The Treasure: Self-Knowledge & Self-Awareness

4- How Your Altar Will Alter Your Life

5- It Is Written: The Power of Journaling & Writing

6- Imagination: Your GPS Through Difficulty

7- How To Tap Into Your Supernatural Powers

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Vicki Dillard
Vicki Dillard

Vicki Dillard has fast grown into one of the most popular contributors on the Fly Nubian Queen Platform. Known around the globe for her extraordinary and inspirational commentary, Vicki has become a leader and role model for millions.

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